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For the samsung cells and Chinese cells, Approx how much lower can price go down? What is the performance difference?

Samsung cells's price is higher 80% percent than Chinese cells.

Range is the same but lg or Samsung cells would have a longer usage life, much more charging times.

Do find a dramatic down turn in US sales during the cold months?

Sales probably will go down, but still better than before...besides, it takes time to prepare the goods. When the winter comes, the spring is near...For this moment, the delivery time for bicycle parts is very very long, like Shimano 7 speed derailleur, which is about 2-3 months. So, it's better for you to make some plans in advance.

Can you do dropshipping?

Yes, we do droppshipping service but most of the time, we sell our products to importers and wholesalers, who have their own shops and warehouse, so I would like to know what kind of customers you are dealing with.

How many pcs can fit in a 40HQ containers?

Depends on different models, as different models have different package. 

Can we mix different models in a container?

Yes, you can. 

What are your main markets for the moment?

Our main markets include US, Canada and Europe. 

Does your battery allow to send separately?

Yes, our battery has MSDS report and UN38.3 report. 

Do you have some models ready to ship?

Yes, we do and we will send you some models for your reference. Please just contact us by email .

Which famous suppliers are you working with?

We are now working with a lot of well-known brand suppliers like Shimano, Kenda, Bafang, ZOOM, RST, MOZO etc.

Did your products sell to any super market?

Yes, we did and our products are qualified to enter some big markets like Tesco, Walmart.

Yes, we accept any third party for inspection.

Our products have been approved by CE, EN15194, Rohs, E-mark and CPSC from US. 

How many sales person does you company have?

We have 10 sales person.

Do you have warehouse in US?

No, we don't have warehouse in US. We send will send your goods directly from China. So far we don't have warehouse in US. You know are are mainly looking for wholesalers, not for retails. However, we have very strong after sell service for our customers, cause we can send replacement directly from China to US. If start retailing business, we are afraid it will be kind of competition to our customers. 

Exactly, we aim at a win win situation for ebike business even we know this business is booming for the moment. However, it is very important to provide warranty and service.

How many is your monthly production?

Currently, our production is about 5,000pcs per month and we are gradually making it bigger and bigger. 

Does your company accept the third party inspection like TUV, SGS?

Yes, we accept any third party for inspection. 

Do you have warehouse in Europe?

No, we don't have warehouse in Europe. We send will send your goods directly from China.

Do you provide CKD or SCKD?

Yes, we can.

How do you solve the problem of anti-dumping for Europe?

Please contact for specific solutions.

Can we have our own LOGO for sample order?

Yes, but there will be extra cost like 100$ per batch. 

How do you ship samples?

By sea, by air and by train.

What your the MOQ?

Depends on different models, we may accept one sample if we have stock.

Can we have different colors in a container?

Yes, but normally we recommend at most 2 or 3 colors for one model. 

What about your warranty?

We provide 2 years warranty for lithium battery, 3 years for frame, one year for electric motor, charger and controller.


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