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2023 Lantu Ebike Team-building

Looking back at the growth of Lantu Ebike, it is inseparable from the hard work of every employee. With the continuous growth of the team, we need to constantly consolidate the team spirit and establish the team pride of each member. Therefore, on July 9th, Lantu Ebike organized a two-day team-building activity.


The first day's activities mainly consisted of rafting and barbecue, and we bought waterproof bags for phones, water scoops, and other items in advance. Everyone's already excited about splashing each other before it starts. The cold and exciting feeling makes people shout, cheers, thrilling screams in the rapids, cheerful laughter, echoing in the valley. More than two hours of rafting, framed the laughter of everyone. On the way back, we are still recalling the fun and excitement.



Back at the B&B, we began to prepare the barbecue, we prepared bountiful ingredients, and we sat around like a family to talk and enjoy the food.


The next day we came to Forest Park, along the way, we helped and encouraged each other to cheer. As the height continues to rise, the smell of the forest wafting in the wind, suddenly making us relax and happy, surrounded by green mountains let us mesmerizing and desirable.

This team building activity not only promotes the company's corporate culture construction, improves team cohesion, and enhances the exchange and communication of the company's employees, but also lets the employees relax their body and mind after the busy work and devote themselves to the future work and life in a fuller state of mind.

May every member of Lantu find their happiness and dream here!

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