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Are E-Bikes Illegal in Ireland?

One of the questions we are often asked is “Are e-bikes illegal in Ireland? The answer is that e-bikes are legal in Ireland. E-bikes (electric bicycles) are allowed on Irish roads, subject to conditions:


1. Pedal assistance only

The e-bike motor will only work while you turn the pedals. Once you stop turning the pedals, the motor will also stop.


2. No throttle

The e-bike must not be fitted with a throttle. Control of the power/speed is by pedalling only


3. Maximum assistance speed of 25 km/h

You can cycle faster than 25 km/h, but the motor won’t assist you above this speed


4. Max continuous motor power of 250W

Some e-bikes with higher than 250W ratings are available, however these are not legal on Irish roads


E-bikes that meet the above conditions are treated the same as ordinary bicycle under the law. This means:

  • Insurance and road tax are not required

  • You can use cycle lanes

  • Follow the rules of the road as they apply to bicycles


E-bikes that break one of the above rules (e.g. they provide assistance above 25 km/h) are classed as mechanically propelled vehicles (MPVs) – like a moped. So you would need registration, motor tax, and insurance to cycle one on the road.

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