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Is the ebike worth investing in?

Starting in 2021, E-bikes will be as popular as shared bicycles in China, appearing on the streets of Europe and the United States. Currently, the sales of E-bikes in the United States have already surpassed those of electric and plug-in hybrid cars; in Europe, they are expected to surpass all car sales, and the total global market for E-bikes is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 10 percent by 2027.


According to the latest data from Eurostat: the total value of E-bikes imported into the territory of the European Union exceeded 500 million euros for the first time in January-July 2023.In January-September 2023, China's exports of motorcycles and pedelecs fitted with drive motors amounted to 11,645,000 units, with a value of 3,646 million dollars. The export markets were mainly concentrated in Europe (33.85%), North America (32.26%) and Asia (26.78%). Among them, the United States is the largest importer, accounting for 27.84% of total exports.

The potential of the E-bike market is undeniable, with its market size expected to exceed $100 billion by 2030.

The competitiveness of E-bike in the future will ultimately land on high-end core performance, better riding experience, and more personalized demand satisfaction. We welcome dealers from all over the world to contact us to customize your unique products.

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