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What's the Folding Ebikes?

What is a foldable electric bike?

When you combine two of the most iconic developments in bicycle history into one entity, you have the Lantu china foldable electric bike; the ability to fold and the electric motor.

While electric bikes have many advantages over regular bicycles, transporting them can be a hassle. The folding mechanism allows you to turn your bike into a more portable package when you're not riding it.

Benefits of Folding Electric Bicycles

1. Convenience

Electric folding bikes allow you to fold your bike in half, thus solving that problem, for example

- Transportation

Sometimes you may want to load your bike into your car.

For whatever reason, cramming a standard bike into a standard car may result in you having to fold the back seat to leave enough room for the bike.

This means you won't be able to fit some of your passengers.

With a folding electric bike china, however, you can easily stuff it into the trunk of your car and drive away without compromising seating space.

Plus, it saves you money because you won't have to rent a bike whenever you're out and about.

- Storage

When you ride your folding bike to work, you don't have to worry about packing it because you can fold it up and tuck it away somewhere in your office.

The same goes for home storage. A folding e-bike allows you to save even more space.

Fat Electric Folding Bike

2. No license required

Foldable e-bikes are not part of similar forms of powered transportation, such as motorcycles and mopeds.

This is because they are manually operated and, therefore, foldable bicycles are considered by law to be another type of bicycle.

Therefore, you do not need any special license to operate an electric folding bicycle.

3. Enhanced anti-theft protection

Obviously, lantu folding bikes are just as vulnerable to theft as any other type of bike.

The good thing is that you can take them with you, so you can be sure you can keep an eye on them at all times.

This means you don't have to worry all the time about whether your bike is still safe.

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