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What Is Removable Battery Ebike?

Before you buy your next electric bike, you need to consider certain factors. Among other factors, an e bicycle battery is an essential component as it usually determines the performance level of your bike. However, batteries come in different types and sizes, and they can be removable or integrated.

What is a removable battery?

A removable battery can be either a removable front frame or a removable rear rack battery. The main difference is the location. As the name implies, the former is located in the front frame and the latter in the rear rack area.

Benefits of Removable Batteries

Removable batteries are very popular today because of their additional benefits. As people are pressed for time in their daily activities, they want to move their e-bikes quickly. Additional benefits of removable batteries are further highlighted below.

Easy to recharge

There is no doubt that removable batteries are easy to charge because users can choose to charge or not charge on their e-bikes. This is perfect for vacations, picnics or trips. You can easily bring the battery to the charging center without the extra burden of moving the e-bike. It also helps riders charge their batteries in a work environment. All you need to do is unlock the frame and remove the battery.

Easy to replace

In contrast to the integrated battery, you can easily replace the removable battery. No technical knowledge is required before replacing the battery. You can also carry an extra battery to increase the range. However, you must follow certain safety precautions when removing the battery from your e-bike.

Insert the key gently into the battery lock.

Hold the battery with your other hand to prevent it from falling to the ground.

Removing the battery needs to be done in a clockwise direction.

After the battery has been successfully removed, pull out the key.

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How to extend the battery life of your e-bike

Battery durability varies by quality and brand type. However, the rider's maintenance proficiency determines how long the battery will last. If you want your battery to stay in good condition for a long time, perform the following maintenance procedures.

Avoid using the battery when it's red: Riders need to learn to charge the battery before it runs out. When a battery is consistently depleted, it gets weaker over time.

Avoid overcharging the battery: Even if you ride a long distance, overcharging your china electric bike battery is not the best solution. Instead, bring an extra fully charged battery on your trip. Also, you should know how long it takes to charge your battery. The charge time is 4-4.5 hours. Do not plug your battery into an outlet before this period, as long as it is fully charged.

Do not use a hot battery: Allowing the battery to cool down before use will extend its life. Allowing it to cool down after charging before putting it in your e-bike will help.

Proper storage conditions: Storing e-bike batteries in extremely hot or cold temperatures may shorten their life. It helps if you do not expose the battery to inclement weather (such as heavy rain).

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